About Reclamation Lumber


Reclamation Lumber, like many businesses, started as an idea. In the early 1990’s this particular idea was “let’s buy an old barn, take it down and sell the wood”. After looking at a few structures, we came across a defunct factory in our backyard. Unbeknownst to us, The Winchester Repeating Arms Factory had moved to a modern facility nearby and the old manufacturing plant was slated for demolition. After some serious sleuthing we were granted permission to “reclaim” the original Winchester gunstock drying shed which was comprised of a mixture of materials including Southern yellow pine and Douglas fir. We found a buyer for much of this material and the business was born.

Our Wood

At Reclamation Lumber we’ve been selectively “mining the industrial forest” since 1995 and providing our clients with beautiful, lustrous material for floors, beams, millwork and a host of other applications. Reclamation Lumber is a company driven by quality and customer satisfaction and reflects their Founder and Managing Member’s roots as a woodworker first and foremost. Rather than trying to be the “biggest”, the “fastest growing” or the “leader in board feet sold”, Reclamation Lumber strives to be one thing: The Best. Reclaimed material presents inherent challenges in its acquisition, re-processing and final usage thus attention to quality and detail remains our “job #1”. Our core philosophy is to treat each client and order with the care and precision required to produce a successful outcome for the client, the builder and ourselves.

Our Process

As woodworkers we understand the “language” of handling material: how to source, acquire, transport, re-mill, install and finish it-on time and on budget. We eagerly guide clients, designers, architects and builders through the process of utilizing reclaimed antique building material in a variety of usages and environments.
The quality of a reclaimed floor or beamed great room will surpass any and all expectations and will provide countless years of enjoyment.